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Saturday, September 4, 2021
Newport, RI

COVID-19 Update

Due to the increasing number of Covid cases, we ask that our guests be respectful of each others' comfort levels. We will be providing masks for those who wish to wear one and there are several hand hygiene stations located throughout the venue. We look forward to having a safe and fun time with everyone! 

Our Story

As told by Victoria:

       It all began with a game of dizzy bat in the summer of 2012. My cousin, Tony Moroso, brought Jon and a few other friends to my family cape house for the weekend. Though I had heard about “how I should date Jon,” for years from my Aunt Terry, this was the first time we actually met. The entire weekend, I tried to act like I wasn’t interested in hanging out, but Jon has an irresistible way of drawing people in. He taught me how to play “dizzy bat,” and the night ended with (someone) puking in the bushes. We saw each other a few more times that summer, including the trip to the Moroso’s Vermont house, when Jon craftily got my number by offering to send me pictures he had taken of the sunset. 

      I returned to college that fall, but Jon made sure to keep in touch by playfully teasing me on Twitter. One time, he even tweeted about buying me an engagement ring, which I saved in a screenshot (how ironic). 

      That Thanksgiving break, I accompanied Tony to one of the infamous Hull Street parties. Jon and I spent a lot of time talking (mostly Jon making fun of me), and after that night, we began texting daily. Since then, not a day has gone by in which we haven’t spoken. I couldn’t wait to get home for Christmas break to see him again. 

      Our first date was during that break, when Jon took me to the North End in a snowstorm, and we (actually I, because Jon had eaten Chinese food before the date) ate delicious food and walked around Boston in the snow. 

      I could go on for hours about all the surprise visits at school, the holidays, the trips, the engagement I almost ruined for myself by accident, but you have probably already heard those stories. The past 8 years have had their challenges, but I love Jon more every day and I could not be more excited to celebrate that love with all of you in September!

As told by Jon:

      My first encounter with Vicky was an interesting one. It began with a laundry list of rules set in place by her cousin Anthony before arriving at the Zoppo cape house in the summer of 2012. After Anthony completed his rant, which we all ignored anyway, I promptly began to show Vicky how to properly drink a beer out of a wiffle ball bat. Now, there has been some bad publicity saying I may have watered the Zoppo lawn that night, but I don’t remember that happening, so it never happened. From that point on Vicky and I communicated and stayed in touch via twitter. My game was on point and I constantly trolled her to stay relevant. It wasn’t until Vicky came to a small gathering at my current dwelling in November of 2012 that we actually began to talk and see each other.

      We went on a couple dates and no matter how far apart we were, we made it work. Between road trips on weekends up to Burlington, Vermont, or meeting halfway at the Fireside Inn, we constantly made an effort to see each other as often as possible. We never stayed mad at each other long, if ever, and we can make each other laugh, which I think is a very special and important piece to our relationship.

      I have experienced a lot of new things outside of my comfort zone because of Vicky. My first plane ride, seeing and exploring some of Europe, and buying clothes that aren’t from TJ Maxx. All things I probably would not have done without her.

      There are countless experiences and times I could bore you all with again about Vicky and I, but I won’t here. Yet. Not until you have to sit and listen to our vows while the open bar is just sitting and waiting.

      I am excited to marry my best friend in September and really excited to share it with all of our close friends and family.

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